Nerium AD to have or have not?


 Nerium AD is a really hot topic and product right now, but let’s look at a few things before we buy. It comes with a powerhouse of claims and a great looking packaging too boot!

Our testers did use it for a few weeks and we will discuss our findings however you know me and I have My Rule of 5! (5 after 5 if it’s a night cream). The first 5 ingredients of anything you buy will tell you what you are getting. Remember (5 n’5) you can control what you own. They loved Nerium for the silky feel and the long term hydration. Many are really sold on this recipe and it is very botanical. I found it to be a bit thick and sticky but I was told to mix it with water which helped a lot.

Let’s look at a bottle that has a high price.

  1. NAE-8 Propierity Blend  (A nice way to say we don’t disclose how much of this “ healing” herb you get.) in this case Oleander Leaf, etc..
  2. Aloe Barbadenis Leaf (extract) = Aloe Vera- like what grows in your yard, don’t be fooled by cosmetic  terms!
  3. Propietary protein (Collogen, Elastin, Glycosaminoglycans) added protein powders under a safe umbrella.
  4. Glycerin, a humectant used in many cosmetics. Did you know that honey is a natural humectant?
  5. Oryza Sative Hydrolyzed Bran – Ground rice and filler is what this is period.



This said I think there are a lot of happy people using this product and feeling a change. I think so often we have skin that is not well enough hydrated and this is one of the perfect answers  to help. I and our testers did feel the regime helped us to be more aware of skin hydration and how important it can be. If you can afford it it’s worth it! Kat on the fence on this! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! But you might be after this.