Neoutogina Rapid Wrinkle Repair Review. What were they thinking when naming this?


Wow! When I first set out to review this one I thought; there is nothing in the name of this product that I can possibly like. Plus, it sounds like something they sold to 1950’s housewives (not our modern Desperate Housewives that are anything but!). Ok so I got over the name and started focusing on the ingredients and for the price they are not bad. Remember the things that drive the price up are fancy packaging and bottles, advertising, and raw ingredients. At least you can read what the manufacturer allows you to know.

Here there are some great claims and I think for a product that is at a drug store price point it is very effective. You really can’t go wrong.

The ingredients include Retinol (Retinol SA they call Standard Action those are buzz words) and over continuous usage it has been proven to work as well as other formulas that are prescribed by Doctors it just takes a little more time and being consistent about application.   

More buzz words in the name of “Complex” that is another way of getting you to think this is a special formula, fine! Nothing bad in this or effective either.

Hyaluornic Acid- Now this is a big boy when it comes to skin appearance it plumps skin and helps bring hydration to the surface just like young skin does. This is a no brainer in any hydrating formula!

For around $20.00 in drug stores this one is a clear winner 

Don’t let the name fool you! Kattails up!


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