To Wash or Not To Wash (Your Hair) That is the Question!

ImageYour hair freshly washed is a great feeling no doubt but it can have disadvantages in the long run especially if it is color treated. Believe it or not the hair really doesn’t get that dirty in everyday ordinary life unless you do a job that is outdoors or causes you to sweat a lot. For most people it is not a necessity but has become a daily grooming habit. Hair product companies love this because they can sell more shampoo to you all.

I have always recommended to my clients that have color services to shampoo every other day or two instead of every day, this will help to maintain the color and allow your own natural oils from your scalp to keep your hair in top condition. You can never replace your own natural oils for keeping your hair healthy with a bottle of conditioner; however I do recommend using one after you shampoo. Ok, sounds like a no brainer right?

Let’s say that you go a day and feel your hair just isn’t as manageable so you feel you want to shampoo anyway why not consider a dry shampoo just at the scalp? Just spray only on your root area wait two minutes and brush out. It’s that simple. It absorbs excess oil, does not strip color and works on all hair types. I like to use a real bristle brush when brushing this out because it helps to distribute your natural oils down your hair shaft. Plastic brushes do not do this added step because they are very smooth and can’t bring those wonderful oils down the hair shaft. I understand if you are concerned with animal safety, know that there are humane ways of gaining bristles for a brush like this and so check with the manufacturer.

 My feeling about dry shampoos is that they are an accessory to your regime and have a place. I look for “Invisible” formula so there is no dry caked product left in your hair. Plus, they come in travel sizes that are TSA approved so no worries while traveling.

So yes, this is the question to wash or not to wash? But sometimes dry might be a great alternative. It works for me! Kattails up!Image


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