Melanotan “The Tan To Die For”? Or Just A Shot in the Dark?! (Injection tanning).

ImageImageA nice tropic even tan to many is a sign of health and the sure mark of an incredible summer but what if you inject it yourself? No need to go outside or buy expensive tickets to a holiday destination just pick a spot (on your body) and within 10 days (10 injections or fewer they promise) you look like gold! Is it worth it? Many say yes because this is a trend that is growing alarmingly on the internet (jeez you would think it was porn!) mostly made popular in the UK and has many body builders utilizing this phenomenon. It is like a magic pill (or in this case shot or nasal spray) and you don’t have to be out in the sun so it’s great for the sure office tan.

I think there are obvious concerns here that we have to look at. For one when you decide to ingest or in this case inject a hormone into your body there are potential side effects, just look at the warning pamphlets and disclaimers you get with a simple prescription or over the counter drug. Here there are none because there are no clinical trials or anything to base the effectiveness on other than snake-oil sales people on the internet to trust and most are black market people who are good, at only sales and jacking your wallet!

My opinion aside let’s look at what Dermatologists fear because this product is trying to sell its self as a safe alternative to avoid skin cancer (what nerve I swear). That is because you are not then in the natural sunlight so there is less chance of skin cancer exposure. Now, let’s note that lack of vitamin D has been associated with autoimmune deficiency which in turn leaves a person open to disease and natural sunlight in moderation gives you this protective quality, this shot won’t do this. So they give false promises of preventing skin cancer so they” tweek “the truth.

 Dr. Brian Morton, President of AMA (NSW) and contributor of Heart Wise Journal has concerns “We don’t know if it will stimulate melanoma” because this is a melanocyte stimulator (means it revs up your natural defenses in your own skin thus creating a tan) a hormone that activates pigmentation and we don’t know long term effects of this type of stimulation. We have seen in people that have moles there is likely darkening which is often a warning sign for skin cancer. Remember a so called “Healthy Tan” is your bodies way of saying something is wrong and I need protection (too bad it looks so great). Plus there are chances of internal infections and problems at injection sites, no quality control; the list goes on and on!

People will try anything sometimes hence this is why so much “Snake Oil” that is on the internet. It used to be that people would eat a diet of only carrots to overload of Beta Carotene to look tan (yes, too many carrots will in fact turn you orange Bugs!) but too much will also shut your living organs down and kill you too. There are many alternatives that are FDA approved to at least try, lotions, sprays, airbrush etc. don’t fall victim to this craziness or take shots in tImagehe dark. If you are doing this please feel free to post how it works for you and I’d like to see the long term findings! Kattails Down! I’m the Scaredy Kat Here!!


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