Cleansing Conditioner (Wen) do we need it?

Cleansing Conditioner (in place of our usual shampoos) seems to be all the buzz lately giving us huge promises of gentle cleansing, healthier looking and feeling hair, does not strip color treated hair.  The list and the promises go on so long it sounds like magic in a little bottle. In many cases a very expensive little bottle if you do the math and purchase from infomercials or shopping networks. But are they worth all of the hype? You know me I’m about performance and looking at the fine print.

The first of this kind to make a big splash in the U.S. was from Stylist Chaz Dean with his hair care product called Wen Hair Care ($29.95 . It was big on the television infomercial scene and you could see him present on QVC network shopping as well .  The whole idea of this product is to sell you on the fact that it cleanses without surfactants (cleansing agents) and has basically set the trend to demonize them. When in truth not all cleansing agents are created alike and there is no need to not have them just be sure which type you are using in your shampoos. Again, get familiar with your ingredients list.

So what is in surfactant-free shampoos like Wen? Usually something we call “fatty alcohols” (cetyl alcohol or cetearyl alcohol) and yes, they can be a bit gentler, do clean and can be more moisturizing but might not belong as a main cleansing ingredient in your shampoo depending on your hair type. If you think about it would you use your night cream to wash your face? Probably not! Because the purpose is best used somewhere else right?  These are not effective cleansers for hair that might have a lot of styling products or is just oily, sweaty and dirty! These products are kind of like 2+1 shampoo plus conditioners together and the result might not end up keeping all of the promises made .They might be fine for someone with truly over processed dry hair but you would almost have to be dealing with cotton candy hair for me to buy into it! This is an example of great marketing that will “Rip You Off!” and a lot of your money, as you see it go down the drain.

Don’t think I’m only picking on Wen; L’Oreal recently released a line called Ever Cream ($6.99 ) with all of the same promises with a slightly smaller price tag and the same result overtime, flat, coated and not so clean hair. There are more on the market not mentioned but it all adds up Beauties!

There are plenty of surfactants on the market that are gentle and safe for your hair, even if it is color treated. The truth is that sunlight UV exposure (think surfer hair), hard water, heat styling all strip color faster than anything period! Most shampoos designed for color treated hair are safe for everyone.

Read your labels and look out for the sulfates that are the most drying (which many shampoo manufacturers are getting wise to avoid). Here is a few, sodium lauryl sulfate, TEA-lauryl sulfate ,sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate.

So, try not to buy into hype and demand your products to perform. Educate yourself as the consumer because it might be that Dove or Garnier Fructise shampoo is not be such a bad guy after all! Stop Getting Ripped Off!  Kattails Down!


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