Hair Color Chalking Fun Hot Trend and Easy To Do!

If you are “Hot and Cold” on chemically treating your hair you might opt for this.

If you have been following the recent celebrity hair trends (Katy Perry, Lauren Conrad to name a couple) you might have been seeing a technique called “Hair Chalking”. This is a fun and fairly safe way to experiment with alternative types of colors on your hair but it is temporary and doesn’t include harsh chemicals. It can look flirty and whimsical or bold and feisty. It just depends on how much you add into the hair (It is usually applied in coats with small sections of hair at a time) and how much your hair absorbs the color along with the choice of color you use.

You will need- Rubber gloves, a spray bottle of water, Curling Iron or Straightening Iron depending on the look you are going for I like for this look to use the Remington Wave Iron for “Beachy” looking waves (very on trend this summer),a drape of some kind or wear an old shirt you don’t mind getting color drippings on and most importantly, pastel color chalks from your local arts and crafts store (only about $5.00)

Start by sectioning out a strand of  dry hair that is about 1 inch in diameter, you don’t want to work with large pieces of hair for this because you want to keep good control on the selected strand you are working on, plus the look is more about scattered pieces, this is why it is so fun.

You the soak the strand with your spray bottle only to the length where you want your color to start. Then rub the pastels into your hair and you will see the color layer and become more intense each time you stroke. I recommend choosing about 3 different colors but not going with too many more because if you remember your  childhood water color experiments you might remember ending up with that “Puke” brown and a miss mashed soaking wet paper as your canvas, and we don’t want that on your head!

Now this is where you have to be patient because it is best to let this air dry before you try to style you don’t want to put heat on wet strands and risk burning your hair.

Once it feels dry enough follow with your heated appliance and the reason for this is it kind of seals the color in and you might get a couple days out of the style and color depending on how often you wash your hair.

Then brush or lightly use your fingers to style as usual. I think it looks kind of fun if it still is in waved strands.

Another thing to consider about this process is they type and color of hair you have to start with. This is more difficult to achieve on darker hair (sorry people with dark hair) I’m saying that “Color on top of color creates more color” so the deeper the color the harder it is to see so you may need to have some pre-lightened strands in your hair already that have been done professionally . The colors you choose can then be more visible. It works really well on blonder shades or those that have weaved, highlighted or frosted hair colors.  For dark hair you may enjoy just the subtle effect that you can see in the light, whatever your style it is fairly safe to do.

There are also products out there that might make the process a little easier to maneuver but the colors will cost you more so there will be an investment factor. You might want to try (about $12.00 per color or $72.00 for “Royal Sweetie Kit of 7 colors”) and they have simple directions for application to follow.

This is great for a club look or even for Prom for our younger readers; this is a hot trend and it is really a lot of fun to experiment with it’s all about your own creativity and having fun!


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