The Razors Edge how important is that to you?

I think most people have some sort of love affair with hair removal, somehow some way. Ok well I know we are all on the dime right now and we have to be on the cheap. Razor Pit is unreal, it sharpens even cheap disposable razors to work (what they claim 150 shaves). I look at this, as A great way to recycle, plus we do spend money on blades and replacements, so why not try?
This is called the Razor Blade Sharpener. You kind of grease this device up with your favorite soap or gel then run it backward (against the grain) so it cleans and sharpens your razor. Great in theory, our testers felt that it was great in the beginning but the claims of 150 shaves might be a bit questionable? ( It did make the razor feel like it was close to new but don’t know how long it will really work, depends on your razor needs).
It’s nice it comes in black and pink (which is nice to take to the gym but still have explain what it is), compact and I do feel that it does work. Some of these store bought blades can really cost a lot so having this might be like a Chef knowing how to sharpen the tools of his trade.
I think (now I used very cheap blades and the testers did as well) if you shave a lot and you want to save some cash it might be worth it. It costs a $25.00 investment but over time might be a true investment.

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