All eyes on you Sephora and Pantone (The Color Kings)!


Ok, Sephora you knocked it out of the park this time (Yes, it is still Baseball season Lol!)! With a little help from your friends over at Pantone (yes, the color people) you have created the “too die for” eye shadow pallet.

 This “Shades of Nature Eye Shadow Pallet” with 35 silky shades of color blew me out of the water (since its summer back in the water is more likely), perfect for the summer season but not limited, it can work year round! Thanks to Pantone color key the colors are perfectly balanced and oh so blend able together plus they work on any skin type. Any effect is possible, the feel of a vivid sunset, cool blue waters or bright blooming flowers the possibilities are endless with this beauty treasure. They are silky and feel high quality so you get a smooth effect. They layer well too so no more crusty looking eyes if you need to add a bit darker dimension for nighttime after a long day of wear at work. So, these work well whether you are going for a subdued look or smoky and smoldering. If you can imagine you can do it with the rich and textured colors it is well worth the price ($55.00 ) So dive in! Kattails up! (We like).


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