Washcloths Good for Cleansing Your Face Fact or Fiction?


Are washcloths good for cleansing your face, fact or fiction? Well, the truth is that it is fiction. The trouble with our cute little wash cloths that come in our towel sets is that they can harbor bacteria in them so you aren’t getting your skin as clean as you may think. In fact you might be making your problem skin have bigger problems because you continue to introduce more bacteria to your already existing environment on your skins surface. The best thing is to just always use your clean hands (or in my case my paws ;)) to do the job. But if you are a person that just needs to feel that cloth on your face in order to feel truly clean (or perhaps when trying to remove a pesky facial scrub) opt for cleansing wipes instead. Simple has a great one at a great price ($4.99-$5.99 in stores or online) http://www.simple.co.uk/products/Kind-To-Skin-Cleansing-Facial-Wipes-25-wipes-66.aspx these are nice on your skin and convenient because they are designed for one use at a time.
This brand is lightly moistened already so if you are not near a washing facility (great for travel) you can still remove makeup and cleans your skin. There are many fine brands out there but I would caution you to use one that is specifically designed for sensitive skin. I say this because you don’t want the added fragrance, drying alcohols plus other ingredients that might irritate your skin we just want it cleansed gently and thoroughly. If you are on a strict budget you can never go wrong using your own hands with a gentle facial cleanser because you’re in good hands if you use your own paws. The “Paws” have it! Katttails up! (We like). This is one of my TipZ and TrickZ hope it works for you.

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