Review- Garnier BB cream is it right for you?


I wanted to touch on BB creams again just so you know that I’m really on the fence about them. I think in concept they sound great and if you are truly on the run and need to go for them they are a time saver and can be a real convenience. My testers tried Garnier  BB cream in both colors available (light medium and medium deep) over all  we got an average rating on performance (Kat on the fence). Our testers found it to be creamy which is fine for a mature or drier complexion. Mostly, it’s because  they are packing a lot of ingredients and functions into one tube. We are asking it to be a serum, a sunscreen, hydrator, moisturizer, tint and a skin corrector all in one. If you have oily and or problem skin you might want to pass on this convenience and hand select separate products suited to your skin type (I like to regardless). One of the concerns with this product is there seems to be a lot of added fragrance (remember that brings another cazillion ingredients and possible side effects into the mix), one of our testers reported an itching and burning sensation. So it might not work on sensitive skin. Also, there are only two color choices and you may find yourself having to buy both tubes for mixing to get a proper color, so then you are doubling the price and end up with way too much product on your hands before it expires.  My take is that it is fine for the price  ($12.99^PRD_SKINCARE^SKIN_RENEW^SKIN_RENEW_DISCOVER^SKIN_RENEW_RTN1&prdcode=P19001&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=garnier%20BB%20cream&utm_content=Brand&utm_campaign=Skincare&gclid=CL_dkYzg8a8CFWQKRQodeCvMXA  ) but you really need to have the right skin type. If you have strong skin that is not having problems, it might be great choice for you. Rating-Kat on the fence!


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