TOXIC POLISH! I wanted to get this to you as soon as I heard about it. There is a list of polishes that are being used i
n many nail salons especially in CA that are LABELED SAFE and FREE from what is called the “toxic trio” (dangerous chemicals) that are MISLABELED and are very dangerous! These chemicals are known
to cause birth defects, asthma and many other serious illnesses.
Here is a list so you can check
before you select your colors-
-Sation 99 base coat
-Sation 53 red-pink nail color
-Dare To Wear Nail Lacquer
-Chelsea 650 Babys Breath
Nail lacquer
-Sunshine Nail lacquer
-Cacie Light free gel base coat
-Cacie Sun Protection top coat
-Golden Girl top coat
-Nail Art Top-n-Seal
-High Gloss top coat Here is the link to the story.

Here we go again with cosmetics companies that mislabel (or what I think is lie to us) products that we are supposed to think are safe and we should trust! Get Real! Kattails (thumbs) Down, I’m a Scaredy Kat that is my grading scale!


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