Allure Magazine “Look Better Naked” Annual Issue Helping or Hurting?

Allure Magazine is set to launch their annual “Look Better Naked” issue (available on news stands April 24th) featuring celebs like Heidi Klum and Debra Messing in barely peek-a-boo nude shots. In this issue the stars talk about their own body issues (what issues? You got me, they are Photoshopped anyway! ) The idea for this special edition is to inspire women to feel better about their own bodies. My question is do you think they are helping? On the other side of the coin do you think they are hurting? Especially since most have admitted they have gone to extremes like liquid diets prior to the photo shoots and the photos are retouched. Are they really helping the average woman with her own body issues?Image

Earthworm Poop! Skincare Find or Fad?







Just when you think you have heard everything crazy to smear on your face (placenta, bird droppings, chocolate, 24k Gold to name a few) some with outrageous claims, the new kid on the block gaining a buzz is Earthworm excrement or poop!

The claims sound great, like everything that we always want to hear when we are searching for the “Fountain of Youth”. The Poop (or worm castings) is rich in peptides and enzymes that have been clinically shown to repair damaged skin.

Some of these cosmetic preparations may contain some of the following- Humates  ( Humic Acid) an anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting compound for skin found in decaying plant material and used as a soil conditioner, Auxins plant hormones with skin firming, anti-aging and neuroprotective benefits, Cytokintins antioxidants that promote healthy cell growth, collagen production and reduce the signs of photo aging and free radical damage while improving skin appearance, Kinetins plant growth hormones that retain moisture contain anti-oxidants that protect but no published research on topical effects.

The idea of using this in cosmetics came about from farmers that have worm excrement in a water tea mixture on their hands and found that it helped relief numerous skin ailments such as psoriasis and eczema.

Now, I have to be honest with you I have not used any products with this ingredient and while doing research I have found little evidence to support these claims. The only brand I was able to contact was Wrinkle Butter by Fresh Beauty Market approx. $19.00 prices vary online. In my book the ingredients sound promising but I have found that to be the case in most cosmetics lines. I felt it was my duty to give you the scoop on the poop Lol! (I know I’m sinking to new levels) If you or anyone you know has used worm castings on your skin I’d like to know, what do you think? Find or Fad? (For now my grading scale it is “Kat on the Fence” I’m not sure which way to pounce).


TOXIC POLISH! I wanted to get this to you as soon as I heard about it. There is a list of polishes that are being used i
n many nail salons especially in CA that are LABELED SAFE and FREE from what is called the “toxic trio” (dangerous chemicals) that are MISLABELED and are very dangerous! These chemicals are known
to cause birth defects, asthma and many other serious illnesses.
Here is a list so you can check
before you select your colors-
-Sation 99 base coat
-Sation 53 red-pink nail color
-Dare To Wear Nail Lacquer
-Chelsea 650 Babys Breath
Nail lacquer
-Sunshine Nail lacquer
-Cacie Light free gel base coat
-Cacie Sun Protection top coat
-Golden Girl top coat
-Nail Art Top-n-Seal
-High Gloss top coat Here is the link to the story.

Here we go again with cosmetics companies that mislabel (or what I think is lie to us) products that we are supposed to think are safe and we should trust! Get Real! Kattails (thumbs) Down, I’m a Scaredy Kat that is my grading scale!

“STEAL DEAL” Dior Vs. Bodycology Lip Glosses

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss ($28.00 Vs. Bodycology Healthy Kiss Lip Gloss ($3.00 in Drug Stores, .Image

This one is for “Real” a “STEAL DEAL”. First, our testers reported that the colors that Dior offers are really bang for the buck but stayed on for only a few minutes. Plus, they lack the flavor you expect from a good lip gloss (or Punch Bowl ha!). So, the overall feel, including, taste it just wasn’t worth the extra cash. So, skip it! (Kattails Down!) On to the Steal Deal, Bodycology Healthy Kiss Lip Gloss made everyone rave! Smooth and shiny, it had staying power (my testers can give it the drink on the glass test Lol!), Plus it stays put and doesn’t feather (hard to find in glosses). Yummy flavor and fragrance. Nothing to pout about!