A Spring Thing!

ImageThe change of seasons can be more than weather, longer days or dates on your calendar. It’s a great time to rev up and revamp your skin routine and that bottomless pit that you call a makeup drawer. It’s time to spring clean and make subtle changes to your routine or formulas, most importantly it’s time to “chuck” some of your products that are about to if not already have expired.

Spring time is the time you can start to lighten up your formulas as well as your colors. You may not need that heavy night cream that you would normally need in the winter months; you might do fine with an oil free version or only using it in the driest areas of your skin.

Sun protection needs to start stepping up (I believe you should never leave the house without it) remember 15 SPF is the least rock bottom amount to use. If your products do double duty such as a BB cream or a fortified foundation remember that when it comes to SPF products more (actual product to apply) is better so if you are only using a little when you apply for light coverage you might not be actually getting the amount of SPF you think you are. Sunscreen has to be applied liberally to get the full effect, period. It might be time to consider a higher SPF in addition to your normal routine.

Time to toss! This really is important when it comes to mascara since it really is only good for about 3 months of use and this is used in the delicate areas of the eye. Anyone who has had to fight “Pink Eye” will tell you. Use your eyeballs and smeller too because if something smells off or the color starts looking a little weird just toss it, it’s not worth a nasty skin infection. Trips to the Doctor are expensive and no fun either. Most foundation is good 6mos-1yr especially it stays fresh longer if it is in a dark tube that keeps air and light out. Powder formulas (foundation, eyeshadow, blush etc.) can be good for up to 2 years so they are a great investment.

Spring is a great time to bring in a Pop of color for a new fresh look, think of the beautiful blooming colors that are in nature’s pallet at this time of the year. Tip, take one feature ,say eyes or lips and have fun, pop it with a new hint of a color (please don’t overdo it and “Pop” your entire face or it will look like you got popped, in the face!). Pastels, blossom colors and stains are great at this time of year.

If you follow the seasons it can really be a big help in remembering to keep vs. toss and keep your look current and fresh (and safe). So make it Pop, it’s a “Spring Thing”.Image


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