The Sad Truth About Agave Nectar.


There has been a lot of buzz around the health foods world in regards to Agave Nectar being used as a “healthy” alternative as a sweetener instead of sugar. Well, if we look at the facts Agave Nectar is approximately 70-90% fructose (a sugar form derived from fruit) and is has more than you will find in high-fructose corn syrup (we have heard all about this subject and obesity yada yada! ). It is true that it doesn’t spike the blood sugar the way that other sweeteners can but being packed with Fructose it concentrates and is metabolized in the liver. It then can raise triglyceride levels (blood fats) leading to fatty liver and heart disease.

“Agave nectar is probably one of the worst sweeteners on the market and it’s deceptive because it has been marketed as a healthy alternative” says nutritionist and author Jonny Bowden PhD CNS “Everybody thinks it is a health food”.

 It is sold with the idea of being a health food found in your great local stores that we trust to cater to our healthy lifestyles. I am telling you I am sick to death of all of the junk that gets under our noses with the promise that it is healthy for us! This is all done under the “Diet Supplement “umbrella and honestly it should be found on the “Snake Oil” aisle.

I think anything in moderation is fine but I also say give me back my cupcakes! A little real sugar is a better “Real” choice sometimes.


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