My Grading Scale (Meow it might have claws!)

I want us all to get the most and embrace the “Real” You while we are all here so just a revisit to what we expect as far as “Performance” here in our forum-
Just to let you all know, that when we review products or what I require from companies I like to call ” Kat’s Performance” I have my own grading scale. I’d love you to give your opinions and help!!
Katttails-up! (This is really great,I’m love’n it !) Kattails- On the Fence (hey if it works don’t fix it!), My fav…Kattails- DOWN! (It’s a trip to the sandbox!) Now, you know my grading scale!!! Here we go!

Feel free to visit our last reviews I think you will find them honest and useful. Thank you my Beauties! Kat


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