Nail It! Mannequin Nails for Spring.

Nail It!

Spring brings a new clean fresh look and the newest trend is called Mannequin Nails. Basically they are a clean nude flesh like look. Sometimes it can be a pastel that is close to your own skin undertone (olive would go for greens and fair would use a light blush color).At home Manis can be easy, just soak hands in a gentle cleanser (Baby Shampoo works for this), dry hands with a soft cloth, file in one direction with a fine grade sanding board. From here you may want to add some sort of cuticle oil if none is available good old Olive Oil from the kitchen is wonderful for hydration. Massage and let it sink into your skin, rinse and blot your digits. If you are going to go for wearing polish like the new Mannequin look use polish remover on the nail bed then follow with a base clear coat. Then apply color in 1-2 coats as needed and follow with a top coat. I always like to look for a Top Coat with UV protection if I can it helps keep the manicure looking fresher longer.

“REAL STEEL DEEL”-  Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple ($3.50 in stores), looks great on most skin tones and has a subtle pop of color, worth a try!


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