Pucker Up or NOT?

It’s often advised to drink dark liquids through a straw so that you can keep your pearly bright smile. The catch with this is when you pucker up with a straw you tend to over use the muscles around the mouth.  This adds to fine lines forming around your mouth it is due to the breakdown of the elastic or known as elastin bands in the skin (think of an old rubber band that is stretched out) add years of unprotected sun exposure to the mix (think cracked old rubber band). We see this, a lot in smokers because of the over use of the facial muscle and the fact that the skin suffers from marked dehydration. Unlike  the muscles in the body the facial muscles cannot be built up with repetitious  exercises it is the opposite. So, skip the straws and also, skip chewing gum for many of the same reasons. Drinking in a wide glass and popping a Tic-Tac is over all a better option. We don’t tend to think about these things day to day until one day.


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