Winterize the Blahs! Moisturize what?

Winterize, Moisturize the Blah ! Hydrate Vs.  Protect

It’s the time of the season we need it but we hear buzz words about hydrating and protecting and products that promise both.

First, Hydrating is different than protecting although they can work together. Hydrate means you bring moisture to your skin (not by clogging pores) using ingredients that draw and attract water. Think , Hyaluronic  Acid or Glycerin. These are potions that attract water from the air, trust me young skin looks hydrated and these can help. Plus, young skin has a benefit because healthy hydrated skin keeps the  pests away that causes acne etc.

Protecting is a big factor because no matter where you live you are in the elements when the wind  blows and your nose runs guess what happens to your skin? In the office all day or outside we feel it!

A simple swipe of Vaseline might be all you need and the funny thing is that it is the base of many cosmetics. It can protect but not hydrate. Always use an SPF during the day under makeup or if you are a guy use it as part of your daily routine.

Protecting has to be a part of life but we don’t want to sluge our skin so much that it can’t breath then this stuff doesn’t work. Do mild exfoliation prior to  that then use a product with heavier emollients  (mineral oils are fine if pure) I honestly think if you can do a treatment at night of Olive, or Almond oils they work well on most skin (If you aren’t allergic).

I tried Johnsons “baby creamy oil” it has coco and shea butter. .Gotta say for the cheap price I really like it and it doesn’t have a lot of residue, that’s  Kattails UP!! (we like)


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