A Spring Thing!

ImageThe change of seasons can be more than weather, longer days or dates on your calendar. It’s a great time to rev up and revamp your skin routine and that bottomless pit that you call a makeup drawer. It’s time to spring clean and make subtle changes to your routine or formulas, most importantly it’s time to “chuck” some of your products that are about to if not already have expired.

Spring time is the time you can start to lighten up your formulas as well as your colors. You may not need that heavy night cream that you would normally need in the winter months; you might do fine with an oil free version or only using it in the driest areas of your skin.

Sun protection needs to start stepping up (I believe you should never leave the house without it) remember 15 SPF is the least rock bottom amount to use. If your products do double duty such as a BB cream or a fortified foundation remember that when it comes to SPF products more (actual product to apply) is better so if you are only using a little when you apply for light coverage you might not be actually getting the amount of SPF you think you are. Sunscreen has to be applied liberally to get the full effect, period. It might be time to consider a higher SPF in addition to your normal routine.

Time to toss! This really is important when it comes to mascara since it really is only good for about 3 months of use and this is used in the delicate areas of the eye. Anyone who has had to fight “Pink Eye” will tell you. Use your eyeballs and smeller too because if something smells off or the color starts looking a little weird just toss it, it’s not worth a nasty skin infection. Trips to the Doctor are expensive and no fun either. Most foundation is good 6mos-1yr especially it stays fresh longer if it is in a dark tube that keeps air and light out. Powder formulas (foundation, eyeshadow, blush etc.) can be good for up to 2 years so they are a great investment.

Spring is a great time to bring in a Pop of color for a new fresh look, think of the beautiful blooming colors that are in nature’s pallet at this time of the year. Tip, take one feature ,say eyes or lips and have fun, pop it with a new hint of a color (please don’t overdo it and “Pop” your entire face or it will look like you got popped, in the face!). Pastels, blossom colors and stains are great at this time of year.

If you follow the seasons it can really be a big help in remembering to keep vs. toss and keep your look current and fresh (and safe). So make it Pop, it’s a “Spring Thing”.Image


The Sad Truth About Agave Nectar.


There has been a lot of buzz around the health foods world in regards to Agave Nectar being used as a “healthy” alternative as a sweetener instead of sugar. Well, if we look at the facts Agave Nectar is approximately 70-90% fructose (a sugar form derived from fruit) and is has more than you will find in high-fructose corn syrup (we have heard all about this subject and obesity yada yada! ). It is true that it doesn’t spike the blood sugar the way that other sweeteners can but being packed with Fructose it concentrates and is metabolized in the liver. It then can raise triglyceride levels (blood fats) leading to fatty liver and heart disease.

“Agave nectar is probably one of the worst sweeteners on the market and it’s deceptive because it has been marketed as a healthy alternative” says nutritionist and author Jonny Bowden PhD CNS “Everybody thinks it is a health food”.

 It is sold with the idea of being a health food found in your great local stores that we trust to cater to our healthy lifestyles. I am telling you I am sick to death of all of the junk that gets under our noses with the promise that it is healthy for us! This is all done under the “Diet Supplement “umbrella and honestly it should be found on the “Snake Oil” aisle.

I think anything in moderation is fine but I also say give me back my cupcakes! A little real sugar is a better “Real” choice sometimes.

“Steel Deel” e.l.f. beauty manual

This week I wanted to highlight the “Beauty Steal of the Week”! I stumbled on e.l.f. Beauty Eye Manual. At 5 bucks I really didn’t have to dig too deep on this one but I didn’t expect much either. Much to my surprise the shadows were not too powdery and went on smoothly. It comes paired with a nifty little instruction sheet, of course it’s a bit like paint by numbers so I found myself embellishing on my own. Has anyone had experience with their products? I think for the price it’s truly a great find!Image

Menskin Shavestick Precision Shaving Wand

 Menskin Shavestick Precision Shaving Wand. This is a one of the coolest products on the planet especially if you travel a lot but don’t want to give up your finer shaving products but still want a great shave every time. This is truly a high performance product because it is made with great skin care in mind plus being a terrific shaving aid.  It includes high end ingredients such as Salicylic Acid (helps to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin that can cause ingrown hairs and helps aid in the penetration of moisturizers to the skin, keeps skin fresh and exfoliated.)  It soothes the skin with Vitamin E and Azulene, which helps you gain a precision shave without tugging and irritating the skin. It comes in a stick so the product is concentrated not an aerosol or cream so there is no waste going down the drain. Since it is a solid it is TSA approved and can be taken anywhere without fear of leakage and it is long lasting and makes for a great travel companion. It creams into a nice lotion type of feel when used properly with your water from the shower or tap. It goes on shear so your shaver glides over the top leaving a no mess clean shave and it feels effortless leaving your skin soft and smooth not oily or greasy. It comes in 5 scents (Ice being unscented, and Vigor is the most popular fragrance) each with unique properties and fragrances. There is a Menskin Shavestick Shaving Wand to please everyone! You do need to dig slightly deep for this one at $21.00. It is available online  (www.menskinusa.com)  or in a Spa near you, but it is worth it because it is long lasting, less waste and high performance ingredients that your skin will know right away. Very slick and worth a try guys!Image

Quick Fresh Faced Tipz and Trickz!

 Quick Fresh Face Look-

This is a quick fresh look and easy to do in the morning, and can give a youthful appearance. I’m not saying to throw out your regime or your sunscreen prior to this look but time can be precious to most of us and if you are anything like me, I’m not a morning person to start with.

If you haven’t tried a BB cream yet, it is worth a try. The name BB stands for Blemish Balm or Blemish Base, but the name is confusing since it has nothing to do with acne treatment or blemishes, it has more to do with its origin in the Asian community and you can Wiki it. The idea is that it doubles for and even in some formulas, triple duties, it does all of the multi- tasking in one tube (Serum, Tinted Moisturizer, SPF). So, you get it all in one convenient package and takes seconds to apply. I like BB Creams they come in all price points, (Clinique  Age Defense BB Cream $37.00 Department Stores/ www.clinique.com Garnier BB Cream $11.00 drugstores/ target.com) but sometimes I think there are more selections for colors if you opt for a tinted moisturizer. Whatever you do just make sure you wear sunscreen under or look for a formula that includes one. These formulas are great because they protect and nourish the skin and have a sheer coverage, they are almost mistake proof in application as long as you don’t choose a color too dark for your skin. Application time, 1 min tops!

Add some color to your cheeks (It looks chic and healthy), a cream blush (unless you are super oily and have orders from the Derm not to use it) looks really great and gives a hydrated glow to the skin no matter what skin color you have. Just stay away from too much frost or glitter that needs to be left at the strip club! Cream blush ( Mark Just Pinched www.avon.com  e.l.f. Heartbreaker Studio Cream Blush $6.00  www.target.com  www.eyeslipsface. Com) is great because you warm it in your fingers and apply it to the apples of your cheeks again this is available at any price but worth it! App time less than a minute, more like 20 sec.

Don’t forget the polished brow is the frame of your face, you can go out without eye shadow but if your brows look like Smokey the Bear needs you to trim that forest better do it! At least fill in sparse hairs. Look for a color close to your own. Don’t go dark or black if you are fair and don’t (please I’m begging here) shave and refill in your brow, it looks fake, trashy and everyone is laughing behind your back, don’t be that person! I like a quick powder with a small brush, cheap you can find brow brushes anywhere (www.sophora.com ) I like this, two in one I carry everywhere called, Beautique Eyebrow Pencil (www.sallybeauty.com ) it has a little brush built on the end, very handy!  If you use a pencil stay very close to your hair color and brush it out to soften the look. Ok 80 seconds.

Eyes are the window of your soul but, who has time to think about that in the early part of the day? Problem is that we talk to everyone from the eyes first. Eyeshadow can be simple choose a shade just about 1 or two shades lighter than your skin and it’s an instant pick me up. Save cat eye and false lashes for nighttime out at the club. Keep a little shimmer, look for very little but not complete matte unless you are over the age of 50 (you might want to stay more muted) but not glitter or too much frost unless you are collecting dollar bills. You can find eyeshadows at any price but I find the cheaper ones tend to be very talc based and flake everywhere. I think middle of the road Revlon and my always fav high end Dior ( www.dior.com www.revlon.com ) and drugstore brands like Revlon have got great shadows .App time 2 min on eyes.

Eyeliner is my biggest OMG! part of this segment because I’m a liner addict! The best way to put this is you flick up the ends at the outer part of the lash line. It gives a little upward swing to the eye that is fun so learn to “flick it”. Try (Covergirl Liquiline  Blast $3.00 drugstores  Dior  Crayon Eyeliner Waterproof Pencil $27.00 www.dior.com) Line eyes, 1 min easy!

Lashes, 1 coat black mascara (I like too curl first with a curler for 30 sec.) add a second coat after 30 seconds (love Full and Soft by Maybelline, it’s my go too( drugstores www.maybelline.com ).

Lips are important but please!!!!  Get a balm or product with an SPF! This is the place we always forget about but it is so, out in your face and everyone’s face too when you blab! Guys to get a lip balm or “Chapstick “ with SPF.  Lining your lips can be great stick to a natural looking lip liner close to your skin tone. You can always use a sugar and honey mix and exfoliate first if you like then use a gloss close to your skin tone, if you use too dark or light you either get looking socked in the mouth or if too light  nothing to notice (don’t look like a Krispy Kreme doughnut) or define. Good rule of thumb look for in the middle shade and pink or peach ,they  looks more natural than other shades so always a safe bet. App time less than 1 min!

Now you have, under 6 minutes for applications. What are you going to do with the rest of your morning?  Coffee, Tea or Me! (Meaning you!)



Colors we love (discontinued) Dead No More!

You know that lipstick color or nail color they go dead and discontinue it? Plus, you go through every store or website you know looking to find or hope to come close but failure? I hate it! Always happens it the story of my life.
Recreate Colors

Recreate any colors we have loved in our cosmetics and lost its easy!

Well, http://www.giella.com is the answer. They wake us back up! Now, if we love a color for $28.00 they will “Recreate” any old color you love, we are not dead anymore. Oh Ya! http://www.giella.com we love you!

My Grading Scale (Meow it might have claws!)

I want us all to get the most and embrace the “Real” You while we are all here so just a revisit to what we expect as far as “Performance” here in our forum-
Just to let you all know, that when we review products or what I require from companies I like to call ” Kat’s Performance” I have my own grading scale. I’d love you to give your opinions and help!!
Katttails-up! (This is really great,I’m love’n it !) Kattails- On the Fence (hey if it works don’t fix it!), My fav…Kattails- DOWN! (It’s a trip to the sandbox!) Now, you know my grading scale!!! Here we go!

Feel free to visit our last reviews I think you will find them honest and useful. Thank you my Beauties! Kat

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