Winter survival skin! E What?

Winter Survival Series
TipZ and TrickZ- Spot Relief for winter dryness . I know that we have all heard about the wonderful world of antioxidants. It has been quite the buzz word in the health/ beauty industry for several years now. Vitamin E is wonderful for the skin and you can find it in many potions and it is an essential in your multi- vitamin. Here is a tip, if you are on the run or traveling keep a couple of your Vitamin E gel capsules with you, not just to ingest but for spot relief. Just poke a small hole into the capsule and the nice oil can be dabbed onto cracked cuticles, dry spots on the face etc. Because it is concentrated it may feel heavy at first but your body recognizes this natural goodness and will soak it up like a sponge!

You can’t beat the portability of vitamin E since it comes in capsule form so, it’s TSA travel friendly.
Vitamin E basically neutralizes free radicals ( takes the ammo away from the bad guys in the air that want to attack your skin, age it and dry it out). Follow up with Vitamin C (Rejuvenates Vitamin E) found in many daily skin care routines and you have a “Super Pairing”, kind of like a firewall for your skin I say, “ Kattails Up”!


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