Yes Vogue!

We all have been thinking the same thing but the media doesn’t get it sometimes! I looked out on my front door and got my issue of Vogue today (yay!)  I’m so pleased to finally see such a beautiful voluptuous woman on the cover (I’m not gay, if you are cool)! It’s been a long time since we celebrated women for all they have to give, and she “Has it all”!

Find out your numbers , BMI know what a healthy blood pressure is about, mine is 120/80 which is in range as long as I take a pill everyday (I’m not old and you might not be either). This is “Real” knowing  where you are in life gives you power!

Love the makeup artistry on this cover and I love what it stands for to have women be OKImage with their image and how they look because, it is OK! Healthy, well and being the “Real” You, is what I’m talking about!


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