Take a Brow! (bow) “Steel Deel”

“STEEL DEEL!” You guys know me by now, I’m eyebrow nut! I really am not a fan of shaving them off and painting them back on (plus sounds like too much work for little pay off). Also, Do NOT tweeze them to much, nothing says “I want to look older than my age” then the skinny “sperm” (you know the shape) brow!
Pencil can help to define but PLEASE choose a shade close to your own hair color (of your brow not whatever it is you put on your head). I like to use an angle brush after a pencil to soften down my work and have it look flowing and natural,you can use a matching powder if you use a light hand. Watch out for dark browns that have too much red or trying to matching blacks that look gray or metallic, trust me it will look like a clown punched you in the face!
I found Essence Eyebrow Designer and it works well because the colors are good and it’s not to waxy, and it seems to last all day. It has a little brush at the other end (I still like to use my angle brush but this is great for on the go) to soften the look down. Hey for $1.50 it’s Kattails Up! (we like) www.ulta.com

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