Save Vs. Splurge!

Everyone is getting used to having to tighten our belts lately in our economy but when it comes to our makeup routine we want our bang for our buck! Now, if you are a makeup “Diva” and are used too many designer products, shopping at the drugstore, well, it might be hard to wrap your head around this one. Hey! Everyone can use to save for a rainy day or find other things to spend our hard earned bucks on!

It’s important to realize that there is more to consider than just flashy displays, cosmetic counters and pretty bottles! We want performance and quality. We need to know where to spend our money, and where we might be able to trim.

Concealer: Splurge!

This item is highly pigmented and thicker in formula than most other makeup items and the raw ingredients cost more if you want quality and a natural hue. Poor quality can tend to cake or have an unnatural looking finish or may not blend well because it won’t have enough “slip”. Since the shelf life for concealer is around 2 years (1 if liquid) it can last and give you bang for the buck, Kattails up (we like)! So it’s not really concealing anything if you buy poor quality.

Foundation: Splurge!

Since foundation is full coverage and is spread on a wider area of the face, you want to stick with a quality formula. Designer brands have long known about the pitfalls of low grade ingredients so they tend to avoid them in their formulas. It’s important to avoid any harsh ingredients that can cause or worsen skin problems.  The raw materials that are used to make foundations have a pinky hue to them and to match most skin tones there is a need to add more yellow pigment to the mixture which costs a lot more. If you look at most of the cheaper brands at the drug store you will see a lot of pink hues among the foundation choices (and fewer color choices as well). Things are changing with better technology so you can find a foundation at the drugstore but it might take a lot of looking and trying. Always look for one with SPF if you are not applying one under.

Eyeshadow:  Save

Pigment in eyeshadow plays a big role in how well and long it will wear. It used to be that you had to buy from the Department Store to get better quality but many drugstore brands have come out with high-pigment long wearing formulas. Plus, you don’t want to keep anything around for more than 3-6 months that you use around the eye area because you are using it close to the mucus membranes and you risk infection from using old products that have become outdated and contaminated. Your money needs to go for more often replacement, spending less, which for me equals a new pair of shoes insteadJ!

Eyeliner: Save

Eyeliner: Save

There are tons of eyeliners in the drugstore that perform as well as the pricy brands. Look for the ones that don’t tug or pull on your skin. You will usually find good ones that are sold in the makeup lines that feature high-pigment. Again these need to be tossed after only a few short months (3-6 mos.) because of infection. Plus please sharpen your pencil before every use to insure that you aren’t bringing unwanted bacteria to your eye area (nobody enjoys pink eye!).

Blush: Splurge!

This one is almost a freebie because it has such a long shelf life (1-2 years). You are using this on the lager areas of your face so have the bendability that comes with good quality is very imperative  no one wants to see you have stripes like a zebra on your face. It should look natural and the color should not look like a fake and bake tan!

Lipstick: Save

I know this one, more than likely catches you of guard because it seems like everyone has their favorite lipstick. Really there are so many formulas and color combinations on the market today that it is very easy to find a great lipstick at a great price in the drug store if you look. Plus there are all kinds of finishes, matte, shiny etc.. This was always the makeup artists’ best kept secret because in general they wear better than expensive brands (Shh! Get Out!).

Mascara: Save

We have to consider that mascara has the shortest lifespan of all (3 Mos. Tops). It degrades very quickly due to air exposure and bacteria that lodges.  There are so many in the drug stores that work just a well as the expensive brands, perhaps not a pretty of a tube but we don’t care about that! There are dozens of brushes and formulas to choose from. I tend to stay clear of waterproof types unless you are going swimming because they are harder to remove and I don’t recommend tugging on that delicate skin around the eyes to chisel it off!

So now you know what to think about next time you are shopping for cosmetics and you don’t want to sink your bank account. New shoes here I come 😉


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