Bang it up Baby!

Tipz and Trickz!
This week think about neat bangs (or ends). I always recommend that you have a major haircut by a pro. But when we need to skimp for a week or too you can always take things into your own hands. But be really careful no bowl cut bangs unless it’s Halloween. Here is the recommendation from Tommy Buckett (Marie Robinson Salon NY City).” On dry hair use the sheers vertically (parallel to your nose) and make quarter inch cuts up into your bangs in tiny sections”. “Essentially, you’re shortening your hair by thinning out the ends” says Buckett.
Really you are thinning the hair out at the ends and it is easier to control, in my opinion but I think you should at least buy a sheer from a well known brand from a Beauty Supply and keep them on hand, since there is a complete difference on how things cut. Take for example a butter knife as opposed to a steak knife, the cut is cleaner and in more control.
Most salons offer and bang trim gratis to the regular customers, you may not know it but it’s worth and asking. It can keep your look fresher for a long time before you need a complete service.

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