Chicstix Shaving Sticks “Glide on-Shave off!”

Chictix tonight!“Chicstix” and girls flix might be the perfect pair for a “Girls Nite In” on our primp night. We fill the tub, all the ambiance is set for our relaxing soak. Candles burning for our own “ Mini Spa” experience and we look to do the “necessities”. We all like to do the girly stuff! (Don’t over think it!)). It’s time to get rid of the unwanted hair we feel we can take care of and shave ourselves!

Chicstix (yes, it comes in a stick much like your deodorant stick) is the perfect answer because it doesn’t lather up with too many bubbles but is very smooth so it makes it easy to see where you have already shaven. The high end ingredients like Vitamin E Linoleate , Evening Primrose Oil (improve skin texture and elasticity) help to make you feel hydrated while you shave, no more dry legs, Salicylic Acid (exfoliates and unclogs pores) so, no more red bumps in the bikini area! Nice! Coconut Acid which makes it great for people with sensitive skin issues because of the anti-inflammatory properties. One of our testers said her legs felt soft and comfortable for two days after using Chixstix.

These are great for travel as well because it is TSA approved since it’s a solid and most of the water is provided by you as you shave. Sweet! Or you can just throw it in your Gym bag and not worry about it oozing all over and leaving a mess.

It comes in 6 scents (1 is unscented), Pomegranate, Baby Powder, Sweet Mango, Island Breeze, Lavender, and Unscented. The downside is that it is not available in regular stores at this time but you can get it online or at a Spa or Salon near you, check the website at at about $9.00 it is a “Steel Deel” because it will last for months! Can you say Kattails up? (We like).


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