The No Makeup Make Up look trend for 2012

This look is so fun because it gives you that healthy no-fuss appearance and it can be mastered in just a few steps. It’s sort of like how we all wished we looked when we wake up in the morning, glowing and fresh .” Snooki” Nicole Poizzi, brought a lot of attention to this understated style recently but it has been a staple seen on the runways and the low key look “Celebs” have used for years.

 It is tossed and luminescent, dewy not matte and yes it can be pulled off at any age however, if you have dry or mature skin make sure that your skin routine is in place and you are well hydrated. If you are using retinol types of products you may want to use a serum a long with your makeup products just for an added base to start with.  If you have troubled skin apply your topical as usual but I would make sure you opt for an invisible formula if available.

Step 1 Prep-

Gentle exfoliation we don’t want your skin to be irritable and go red. A soft cloth and gentle cleanser might be all you need. There are tons of cleansers on the market and we can save that for another discussion but I say, go with fragrance free or sensitive skin formulas they usually are a safe bet.

Moisturize, I can’t spell this out to you enough; if you need oil free go for it! I know that we worry about too many oils in our moisturizers but they aren’t all created alike . Don’t use cold creams or Petroleum Jellies (Vaseline)   they are far too greasy. Moisturizers that contain Hyaluronic Acids and Vitamin C are wonderful! If they have SPF we are really working it! I know that if you are concerned with Frown lines NIP+FAB  has Frown Fix which is great for troubled areas it has Amino Acids and is a hydrator so it helps reduce the appearance of lines . (Frown Fix $15.89)

The main point is you want a little slip but not an oil slick on your skin to start. Also, don’t forget to exfoliate your lips, if you want them to do tricks  (like smile and talk to your favorite guy, or not look chapped) use your toothbrush and brush not only your teeth but run it over your lips to remove dead skin cells. I add lip balm I love  e.l.f. Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 in Peaceful Pink ($3.00 in stores ) It has a very natural looking muted touch of color, plus sun protection and conditioning agents to sooth your lips.

Under Eyes, I use and can’t live without my eye cream! I’m in hot total love with Revaleskin  Replenishing  Eye Therapy.  This stuff is my only splurge because it is pricy and hard to get and it is only available through your dermatologists office (or me) you can check the website to find one in your area. . It has some of the most potent antioxidants on earth derived from coffeeberry with all of the benefits of a retinoid but gentle enough for your fragile skin in the eye area. It’s my secret weapon to keep tired eyes under control. Now the only puffy pillows I have are on my bed NOT under my eyes J (Physician-dispensed $100-120) Liquid Gold!

If you like to use a clear primer you can for your face, it will give you a very smooth base or canvas to work with (if you have troubled skin remember to try to find products that come in an invisible formula if you are treating acne etc. first). Most primers sit on the very top surface of the skin and most people don’t have allergy or pore clogging problems with them, they work well with most skin types but you MUST remove them at night! I like Smashbox  Photo Finish I have used it for years on many of my clients and never have had a problem. ($36.00 in Department Stores . They have several formulas too I like the hydrating one for more mature or dry skin, and a “light” version for troubled skin.

Step 2- Lay Your Foundation

Set the stage on your face with a foundation, I recommend for this type of No Makeup Makeup Look to go with a Tinted Moisturizer instead of a true Foundation Makeup. I say this because you don’t want the surface to look to perfect, a sheer coverage with a lot of hydration will ease imperfections but give you that au-natural look we desire. I’m stuck on Clinique  Moisture Surge tinted moisturizer SPF 15 ($26.00 Department Stores ). Note, you can use a BB cream if you like I have found more selection of colors available in tinted moisturizers, so far. Use your fingers for this one because we don’t need a perfect application like a sponge gives. Clean fingers in a downward motion stippling as you go. Everyone has a small amount of facial hair and it grows in a downward angle so always apply any foundation in downward strokes. Don’t think about what your Mama used to say about lifting upward and getting wrinkles from downward strokes. You want those fine hairs to lay flat as possible and it will give you a smoother looking surface. Look for colors with more yellow than pink because they tend to look more natural on the skin. Don’t try to fake a tan and get a color that is darker than your skin, it will turn orange and unless you want to work for Tropicana, pass on it!

If you feel you need concealer I like to use a cream not a dry stick and I find it works better on top of your foundation (tinted moisturizer) step. It has more pigment so you will get more out of the coverage. I always warm concealer on my hand not straight from the tube (I use my hand as sort of a painters pallet makeup will look more natural if warmed before application). I like L’Oreal True Match Concealer ($8.95 stores) there are many to choose from but I like to stay with a creamy formula we don’t want dry cupcakes under our eyes!

Crème Blush will always look better with this look since we are trying to stay dewy and not caked up. Dab a bit on your apples of your cheeks and blend slightly more up toward your temples. I like to use

mark Just Pinched Instant Blush Tint ( $8.00) or M.A.C. Cremeblend  Blush ($18.00 Specialty  and Department Stores Use your fingers again for blending it gives a sheer hint, of color, again don’t go too dark or too light for that matter! Stay away from colors that are too bronzy with a lot of phony sparkle that is better for a nighttime look.

Instead of powder to set we will use a spritz spray M.A.C. Fix + ($18.00 this is more hydrating but it does set as well as a powder. Just spray lightly and a little distance from your face we just want a light mist to settle not flood your face!

Step 3- Fill her Up!

Fill in your brows! Brows frame the face like a piece of fine artwork. This is tricky, you must match your natural hair color (growing on your face not everywhere else Clairol has been). No crazy eyeliner pencils or tattoos etc. Use an angled brush and with a matching eyeshadow (again no sparkle) color or brow color. Use quick upward strokes to fill in naturally (there are some kits that have stencils to help, but tread lightly or this is all worthless). If you feel you really need a pencil keep the strokes short soft and upward don’t just draw a line like you are signing a document. I have used e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Lifter and Filler  ( $7.00 Stores which is nice because the lid has its own sharpener  or for powder Clinique Brow Shaper ($15.00 clear mascara can help seal so that you don’t look to powdery, just brush it on your brows lightly.

 Step 4- The Eyes have it!

I start with e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer  ($3.00 ) Urban Decay has one too but for this I stick to the cheaper product that performs really well. Coat your lid lightly with this primer, you will feel the slip (Blondie would say a slip to the hip, but that’s another story) it is great and not greasy. If you like another brand that is fine, I just want you to stipple it on with your ring finger (never use other fingers like the index finger around your eyes we are working in a sensitive area). I don’t like using a concealer as a base here because it is too pigmented and can look heavy.

Next up eyeshadow with very little sparkle is best. I hint of sparkle on the brow bone right under the brow to the outer corner that is enough. Neutrals are your best friend for a clean clear look. Mineral shadows are nice because they tend to have a sheer appearance try bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadows 20 the Enlightenment ($20.00 www. This one comes in a duo so I use the lighter one in an upside down backward L straight down the center of the lid and extending across the brow bone, I fill in the crease with the slightly darker color only on the outer part of the lid. This is important, don’t use a funky applicator sponge, use a an eyeshadow brush and tap the color into place wipe away excess with a Q-Tip if you need (they are my best friends anyway).

Eyeliner is not the spotlight here but I still never can go without it for myself (If you go without double up your mascara with an extra coat after your first has dried) the key is to keep it very close to the natural lash line (forget liquid liner here, too hard of a line). I have used a pot cream/gel liner like Maybelline Eyestudio  ($9.99 stores  or Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Eyeliner ($22.00 Department, Specialty Stores  but the real bang that you

need to use a smudge brush (or if you are really, I mean really good with a Q-Tip) and apply a matching dark powder (eyeshadow powder is fine as long as it is matte and not flakey) and smudge along the lash line, don’t try to go into the corners of your eyes you will look like a raccoon. Just focus on the outer part of the eye lash line, it can be a thicker line at the end. A very thin line at the start of your eye and thickening as you get to the end.

You can use a light pencil on the inner rim of your eyes to create a brightness and widening of your eye but please don’t use white as a color because it is far to un natural look for a flesh tone that is just slightly lighter than your own. Julie Hewett makes the best one I have used because it is so emollient but not smudgy Julie Hewett Eyeliner Auroura  ($12.75 ) to me nothing better!

Some people like to use clear mascara on the lashes, it’s great if you have natural long, plump, full and dark lashes then go for it! Clear will just give you shine and control and a bit of fullness. For me I was not blessed in this area. I like to use a brownish/black for day depending on your own coloring. Black is always the mainstay but don’t use one of those huge plumping formulas for this because we want to keep it silky and natural looking. I still love FullN’Soft by Maybelline  ($6.49 in stores  You can give an extra coat if you like, I always do! If you want you can add a half lash (false lash that only goes across the outer edge of the lash line) 20 Lash M.A.C. that adds density to only the outer lash ($15.00 .

Step 5- Pucker Up!

It’s all about being nude with this look. I told you about the lip primer so from here choose a nice not too disco looking, gloss. I go for not to pink but not too bronzy in color, stay clear of deep reds or Burgundy colors or you will kill this look.  If you are used to dark lipsticks then find a sheer gloss in that same tone and go light on your application .Gloss is great for any age because it looks youthful and it can hide lines as long as you don’t buy high glittery types. I have used Maybelline Shine Sensational ($6.99  or when I do it up, Dior Addict Lip Polish because it is a primer and polish all in one ($30.00    You can do a nude lip liner with gloss over but be careful you don’t want the lip to look to perfect, this works if your lips are thin and you make sure you stick with a nude color (not brown) if you go for color here it won’t work. Try M.A.C. Naked Liner in Light Neutral ($14.00 in Department, Specialty Stores).

I like to finish off with just a light dusting of Clinique True Bronze pressed powder in 02 sunkissed ($25.00 Department/Specialty stores www. There are other colors but I like this because it is a bronzer without huge glittery sparkles. Any nice light matte bronzer will work many mineral makeup lines offer them. Go around your outer most part of your face first like a halo with a nice big powder brush don’t try to contour with this just let it give you a slight glow and you won’t need much on your nose or your t-zone.

Ok, so now smile you look like you just got out of bed (the way we all wish we looked like when we do) and don’t forget to floss! Kattails Up!


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