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Kattails is my ( Kat Jensen) Editors blog for “Real” Realistic Beauty/Health/Wellness Magazine. Here we discuss topics that touch all of us everyday that influence our inner, outer and overall well being. I love to talk about all things beauty (and you my readers are my “Beauties”) that I call “Tipz and Trickz”. I also do product reviews based on my own opinions and 25 years experience in this field. My grading scale is based on the old Thumbs Up-Thumbs Down concept but I have givin it a little tweek, it is “Katttails Up” or “Kattails Down”. For fun we have “Katt on the Fence” (down the middle) and “Scaredy Katt” (wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole). I’m a girl that can never pass up a good deal (just look at my shoe closet) especially it’s important that a product performs the way the advertizers want us to believe and “Stop Getting Ripped Off!” I will share with you what I call “Steal Dealz”.  This is a fun and insightful place and I encourage your comments and any further insight you might want to share with us here in this forum! Kattails Up! Beauties!


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  1. Diane
    May 04, 2012 @ 16:44:05

    Looks good !!


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