Save Face!

We have so much hitting us in the world of skin care, make-up, High-Def this or that, Tv’s etc.. I mean, who ever thought there would be a camera on an iPad so we can see every little flaw we have  on our skin all while you are on the tire mac waiting to hit the friendly skies? I thought the mirror on the bathroom wall or the invention of magnifying mirrors was bad now all your “Friends” on Facebook, Skype  or other cyber people can see it too! Yikes!

I want the same thing everyone else wants, great skin! But it has to stop and start there. Quit blaming everything, Mom’s family, bad diet, chocolate, on and on. Take control. Bacteria, that likes to live on the surface of the skin is what causes breakouts period! If you add to that, touching your face, stress, hormones or bad skin routines (or lack of one) this is what causes more  issues.

Ok so we want to camouflage or make our skin appear better with the use of foundation make-up. Foundation used to be thick and very opaque almost matte like a mannequin face. Now new formulas and high performance ingredients can give us  a very light and natural look, a few imperfections are perfection (say Amen! I have waited for this!). A good foundation is like that great pair of high heels that you know you shouldn’t be wearing (rockin), but if made well you can dance all night! A good one should go on well right away.

Ok, truth is that a lot of foundations you buy are  “Old Skool” or we see the name “Matte” and we think of dull or dingy , parched and pasty. You can tell someone has it on because it looks quite obvious.  There is a new generation of mattes today that are called “Luminous” mattes that contain light-diffusers and mineral powders that bond to the enzymes in the skin that cause age related roughness. I like Chanel Perfection Lumiere  (Department, Specialty Stores,  ) , or I try to go with a tinted moisturizer like Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer (Department Stores, ) depending on your coverage needs.

There are really great products that reduce redness in the skin without packing on the makeup to the point you feel you need a chisel to remove it.  These work with diffusers, skin calming agents and a very light green tint because green cancels out the redness in the skin without the need for too much thick coverage. Clinique Redness Solutions Protective Base SPF 15 ($18.50 in Department Stores or online, $47.00 for the whole regime in a box set that includes Soothing Cleanser, Daily Relief Cream, Daily Protective  Base SPF 15). Jane Iredale Disappear with Green Tea Extract  ($26.00 Salons, Beauty Supply ).

The Fashion Industry has known about new technology when it comes to fabrics and microfibers, laser- cut leathers etc. for years now. It’s really no wonder that some designers are changing the face of foundation and treating it like a fabric. Some of these formulas utilize a web of fine mesh fibers that prove to be crease proof and resist settling into fine lines while you are drinking, eating, smiling, or talking. Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Formula ( $65.00 Specialty Stores, ) Dolce&Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation ($59.00-$66.00 Specialty Stores )

Remember, whatever you decide to use on your face there is no replacement for a good daily skin care routine which includes removing make-up every night and washing away the day!



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