New Year’s Rez-al

New  Years’ Rez-al You”!

Ok under this “Kat”-agorie  I’m talking  ‘ bout a few topics that we all think about at the beginning  of the year ( weight loss, quit smoking/drinking/get a tan, etc.!  We all have things we would like to work on, so  let’s go!

This week-Skin

  Listen, weight is the number one topic in the month of January so, I figured, let’s talk about our face and body, how our skin feels after a long , Holiday Season. We can do weight next.

I have heard that many people like to use a brush to cleanse skin and remove makeup/clarify. I think it can be a good thing. I looked at a couple of products- Olay Pro X and Clairsonic (Sonic wave technology).

You have all seen the commercials with everyone looking great with perfect skin having huge Gizmos with a big round brush (like, if you buy a battery operated gizmo it washes your face for you!). It the electric toothbrush for your face, I suppose!

Ok, In my Opin-neon (it’s always mine), I love the idea of taking off the day’s  “Dirty Deeds” and make-up ect., I think we all need to clean our faces at night and be ready to rejuvenate while we sleep. I have a hard time with electronic devices doing this as a nightly (or other makeup removing) procedure. I agree that it does deep clean, but I feel it should be used in moderation (check the manufacturers recommendations, obviously) . Make-up Artists and Pros never have a problem using their hands with good gentle cleansers that wipe away residue, mild exfoliators  and cleanse the skin without having to pack a huge electric  “Buff-Puff” sander  in the carry on!  ( If you use them already cool, love to hear from you) If you have a strong skin you might not have an issue with manual stimulation to your skin. 

Some skin types may not benefit. Most of the studies shown on the manufactures are studies that benefit the product they sell (real life results, if you look in the fine print are still your own discretion )

So far, Clairsonic  (it is very expensive in my OPi) but it does feel great. It does feel invigorating and It did take off a huge amount of make-up (Our tester went out on the town with stage make-up) it took it all off! I think the bristle like round tip that moves in a round motion helped (along with the so called sonic waves), I think it does do what it says, it deep cleans. But do we need that every day?

You know there is PRO-X   selling the same type of theory   a cleansing brush machine, with them you need a “system” of products , (duh!) to gain certain results since no real results advertised are proven.  Ok but our tester really loved them! She said that she would use  Olay but felt     it was  “not for everyday use”.

I love  the chance we have  to share ideas with each other! Meow Kat!





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