New Years Resolutions! Really!

New Years Resolutions (Ya!) PT 1 I hope you hang for the next part 🙂
New Years is a great time of new beginnings and endings to things or behaviors that have haunted us for a long time! Plus, if you notice it’s the biggest selling time for every health club, books and regimes since they know, that “We know” we have been a little bad during the Holidays.
So Stats (Statistics) say that 35% of Americans break their resolutions by January 25th so just a quick look at the top 5 (I’m wearing my night guard so I won’t be too horrified!)
1. Lose Weight (Da! That was a no brainer)- Ok what the experts are finding is that, a food diary works well because it keeps you more honest and you can look at what you really do and put in your mouth. It’s no worse than making a grocery list to avoid impulse buys, in this case, pies! Ha! Plus, watch the Drinks, not just alcoholic (some can be high calories ) but diet sodas (artificial sweeteners trick the body and create more weight gain over time) 2 or more diet drinks a day can result in a 5 times larger waist size over one decade. Diet foods (some have more sugar and salt to compensate for less fat). Overall, you need to burn off more calories per day than you take in. It takes 3,500 calories to make up a pound of fat. Get strategies to help, believe it or not if you eat a broth based soup right before a meal it will help you feel full (I have done this a lot myself and it works!), or take 2 glasses of water prior to eating. People that lose and do little tricks and keep it off for a year have more of a chance of keeping it off over time yay!

2. Fitness- this is a good one on so many levels because we all know it is something we need. The trouble is that spectator sports, walking to and from your parking space at work might not give you what your body really needs. I hear people tell me all the time “But, I work really hard at work” Yes, I know Ya do! But! The body wants a stress release from an exercise routine on a regular basis, not just the temporary build up that you get from only work (don’t get me wrong work is good, but our body needs more).

If you are a person that hates to exercise or that feels you have very little time I encourage you to do this- Break it down! Break it into do-able goals slowly. Don’t try to keep up with ( “You know who” friend, neighbor down the street, coworker, who has every piece of gym garb in the garage or trunk of their car”) others. Alone time like TV time can be great, keep a few hand weights, bands or a kettle ball and use them during commercials. Don’t be afraid to walk the mall and not have the best parking space. DVD’s galore are available, etc. my point is to take in doses especially at first, it makes it easier to stick to. Don’t run any other race than your own! Break it down! Keep two hand weights with you as a part of your body. Find something , that your friends like to do that is active, yes Wii can count, at times. We have all heard about holding tomato soup cans in out hand for weights! Well, let’s go and make a plan that is right for you. Don’t think about how lame it might seem to others! If you are great with a plan start giving yourself goals that you can attain and feel good about, heya! I said Hell Ya! But wanted to make sure I didn’t offend anyone 😉 Kat Jensen


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