Beat your skins ” Holiday Blues”!

Stress, late nights, lack of sleep and a few cocktails can leave your skin crying with the Post-Holiday blues! Quick natural help is no further than your own kitchen.

Party tired skin is a dehydrated skin, so first off replenish your system with lots of water. A little sport drink can help too but not too much, it can be sugar loaded, after Grandma’s fruit cake do you really need more sugar? Herbal teas can do wonders (avoid caffeine since that adds to dehydration), I like Aloe Vera herbal tea blends because they can help hydrate but detoxify at the same time and can be found in Whole Foods or your local health foods store.

I know! We have all heard of the benefits of EVOO (Thank You Rachael Ray) Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the health community is very aware of the Omega-3 anti-oxidant value in this oil.I use Extra Virgin Organic type, it is a bit more pricy but I like to know that it is the purist form without added pesticides (Yuck Kattails Down). What you might not know is that this oil has wonderful properties that can be used to nurture your stressed out, winterized, dry, T-Zone, angry skin! It is a soothing magical fluid that nature has provided. You don’t need much, I message just a small amount into a clean dry skin. It feels oily at first but keep gently smoothing it in with light circular motions with you fingers and it will start to absorb. I know you are thinking, What if it makes me break out or too oily? Right? Don’t worry oil breaks down other oils and clears away impurities, that is another reason why I stress Organic. If it is still a bit heavy feeling for you apply a damp warm (not hot) soft wash cloth over your face and steep for a minuet or two to help remove the residue. You should feel hydrated and have glowing beautiful skin after!  

These are simple tricks but simply effective! Meow to you my Beauties! Be good to yourselves you deserve it! Kattails-up ~Kat


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  1. kattails
    Dec 26, 2011 @ 20:38:36

    The other thing about added omega-3 is that it can help with mood, some of us get the Winter Blues and this plus omega-6 ( add a bit of Vitamin D to the mix) can help to uplift your mood! Nothing wrong with that!


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