Holidays but “True to Self” take care of u

Happy Party Days!

I can’t stress to you how important it is to remove your makeup at the end of the night! It is just as important as putting it on to start with! I know we all have heard it and I think we know better.I like to suggest that even if you keep a few of those premoistend cleansing cloths next to your bed it is better than doing nothing and the pillow does the work for you while you slumber. I sometimes use a cleanser that doubles as a makeup remover too, normally they are creamier in texture but still rinse away clean. I loved one by Aveeno but they discontinued it so it’s hard to find, but they do have a cleanser for sensitive skin I really like. My next choice is Neutrogena Naturals Fresh cleansing + Makeup Remover. Avon has moisture effective hydra efficase eye makeup remover lotion, it is gentle but works well
I have heard some people say they like to use Vaseline. Please don’t do this especially near the eyes. Petrolatum ( which is what is Vaseline is made of) can build up in the eye and harbor bacteria leading to infections. You are better off to use good old Organic EVOO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, better yet use a product designed to remove your makeup.Shirani makes eye makeup remover pads that work really well $4.25 for 100 pads . Do you have any tips to keep it easy to do after a long night?


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