No Bones About It! The Brows Have It!

This is no Low Brow, The Brows have it!
I know some people love waxing and that is great if it works for you. My problem with that method (I love wax for larger areas of skin that really need removal) is there can be questionable ingredients that go inside of this lovely goo we use to harden and rip off our hair and skin. Then, on to the fact, that on your face if you are sensitive it can make breakouts and ingrown hairs more of a reality! Yikes! (Can you say Scaredy Kat?) Listen, I understand all of the safety and emails I will get about waxing, I just say for me, I love  great tweezers for smaller areas on my facial skin, not to mention that I feel it is much more precise, the results more accurate. Tweezers double and triple duty as well, can’t beat them for false lash application etc. I came across Stilazzi Wishbone tweezers and I love the way they are ergonomicallyImage perfect for my hand, easy to control almost dummy proof! (and your no dummy!). The tip is a bit large but they rank on one of my favs for my kit right now. Still, not a fan of over tweezing it can be aging and never stays in style so, don’t follow trends when it comes to hair removal. Just keep it clean and it will always work. Remember, brows frame your face and good art never goes unframed, the brows do have it!
Wishbone Style Slant Tip Tweezers . They have a great feel are like a brushed stainless steel, sharp point for precision, so even the tiny stray (stray Kat ) hairs are easy and almost painless to remove! Can we say, Kattails up?! Oh ya!

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