“Steel Deelz”( I can spell it’s more fun like this ;)) this week- e.l.f. Zit Zapper! I have skin that is so, what I like to call, I have “Cybil” skin! It is so Schizophrenic! I breakout because it want’s too, good day, bad day, hormonal, or not but when I have to go somewhere and there is a big honker on my face that totally sucks! We aren’t supposed to pick those and you know it! I have used the Zit Zapper and I swear it was gone overnight! Nothing like old fashioned Clearasil but for me it doesn’t work. Zit Zapper is really concentrated Salicylic Acid, which is used in many of our exfoliating skin care regimens, for me it is great for emergency but it doesn’t replace a good skin routine. For a buck, $1.00 you can’t go wrong!

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