Beat your skins ” Holiday Blues”!

Stress, late nights, lack of sleep and a few cocktails can leave your skin crying with the Post-Holiday blues! Quick natural help is no further than your own kitchen.

Party tired skin is a dehydrated skin, so first off replenish your system with lots of water. A little sport drink can help too but not too much, it can be sugar loaded, after Grandma’s fruit cake do you really need more sugar? Herbal teas can do wonders (avoid caffeine since that adds to dehydration), I like Aloe Vera herbal tea blends because they can help hydrate but detoxify at the same time and can be found in Whole Foods or your local health foods store.

I know! We have all heard of the benefits of EVOO (Thank You Rachael Ray) Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the health community is very aware of the Omega-3 anti-oxidant value in this oil.I use Extra Virgin Organic type, it is a bit more pricy but I like to know that it is the purist form without added pesticides (Yuck Kattails Down). What you might not know is that this oil has wonderful properties that can be used to nurture your stressed out, winterized, dry, T-Zone, angry skin! It is a soothing magical fluid that nature has provided. You don’t need much, I message just a small amount into a clean dry skin. It feels oily at first but keep gently smoothing it in with light circular motions with you fingers and it will start to absorb. I know you are thinking, What if it makes me break out or too oily? Right? Don’t worry oil breaks down other oils and clears away impurities, that is another reason why I stress Organic. If it is still a bit heavy feeling for you apply a damp warm (not hot) soft wash cloth over your face and steep for a minuet or two to help remove the residue. You should feel hydrated and have glowing beautiful skin after!  

These are simple tricks but simply effective! Meow to you my Beauties! Be good to yourselves you deserve it! Kattails-up ~Kat


Holidays but “True to Self” take care of u

Happy Party Days!

I can’t stress to you how important it is to remove your makeup at the end of the night! It is just as important as putting it on to start with! I know we all have heard it and I think we know better.I like to suggest that even if you keep a few of those premoistend cleansing cloths next to your bed it is better than doing nothing and the pillow does the work for you while you slumber. I sometimes use a cleanser that doubles as a makeup remover too, normally they are creamier in texture but still rinse away clean. I loved one by Aveeno but they discontinued it so it’s hard to find, but they do have a cleanser for sensitive skin I really like. My next choice is Neutrogena Naturals Fresh cleansing + Makeup Remover. Avon has moisture effective hydra efficase eye makeup remover lotion, it is gentle but works well
I have heard some people say they like to use Vaseline. Please don’t do this especially near the eyes. Petrolatum ( which is what is Vaseline is made of) can build up in the eye and harbor bacteria leading to infections. You are better off to use good old Organic EVOO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, better yet use a product designed to remove your makeup.Shirani makes eye makeup remover pads that work really well $4.25 for 100 pads . Do you have any tips to keep it easy to do after a long night?

No Bones About It! The Brows Have It!

This is no Low Brow, The Brows have it!
I know some people love waxing and that is great if it works for you. My problem with that method (I love wax for larger areas of skin that really need removal) is there can be questionable ingredients that go inside of this lovely goo we use to harden and rip off our hair and skin. Then, on to the fact, that on your face if you are sensitive it can make breakouts and ingrown hairs more of a reality! Yikes! (Can you say Scaredy Kat?) Listen, I understand all of the safety and emails I will get about waxing, I just say for me, I love  great tweezers for smaller areas on my facial skin, not to mention that I feel it is much more precise, the results more accurate. Tweezers double and triple duty as well, can’t beat them for false lash application etc. I came across Stilazzi Wishbone tweezers and I love the way they are ergonomicallyImage perfect for my hand, easy to control almost dummy proof! (and your no dummy!). The tip is a bit large but they rank on one of my favs for my kit right now. Still, not a fan of over tweezing it can be aging and never stays in style so, don’t follow trends when it comes to hair removal. Just keep it clean and it will always work. Remember, brows frame your face and good art never goes unframed, the brows do have it!
Wishbone Style Slant Tip Tweezers . They have a great feel are like a brushed stainless steel, sharp point for precision, so even the tiny stray (stray Kat ) hairs are easy and almost painless to remove! Can we say, Kattails up?! Oh ya!


“Steel Deelz”( I can spell it’s more fun like this ;)) this week- e.l.f. Zit Zapper! I have skin that is so, what I like to call, I have “Cybil” skin! It is so Schizophrenic! I breakout because it want’s too, good day, bad day, hormonal, or not but when I have to go somewhere and there is a big honker on my face that totally sucks! We aren’t supposed to pick those and you know it! I have used the Zit Zapper and I swear it was gone overnight! Nothing like old fashioned Clearasil but for me it doesn’t work. Zit Zapper is really concentrated Salicylic Acid, which is used in many of our exfoliating skin care regimens, for me it is great for emergency but it doesn’t replace a good skin routine. For a buck, $1.00 you can’t go wrong!